The Next Level Brothers

Film Directors Changing the Game: The Next Level Brothers

D'Angelo and Martel are ambitious about providing value with a smile.

D’Angelo and Martel are ambitious about providing value with a smile.

D’Angelo McCornell & Martel McCornell, two biological brother Film Directors that were born Next Level. Raised in the cold streets of Cleveland, Oh blessed to be six years apart,but love and synergy brings us together as one. The last time me and my brother were in the same school was when Martel was in Kindergarten and D’Angelo was in sixth grade. Against all odds of the rural Cleveland community we found enlightenment and motivation. Recently graduating two top tier schools Interlochen Arts Academy and Kent State University. We have strived through the years with responsibility, determination, dedication, loyalty,skill and will to get better. Those characteristics led us to accomplish many goals and receive numerous respected awards . Today we are grateful to be the first brothers ever to attend the prestigious Art Center College of Design for the Graduate Masters and Undergraduate Bachelors Film Program at the same time.

Currently located in Pasadena, Ca inspired and determined to continue to provide value through Film and Design. Our goal is to have fun, create and bring great minds together, so it can be passionate positive creative change around the world. Appreciating life every moment, by being grateful for every breathe of air and coming up with solutions to make situations better, is how we live our life!
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  • April 22, 2015
    DeBorah J. Jackson

    Love your commercials, keep up the excellent work. Let the Lord guide your footsteps, and you will travel on a very successful journey. God Bless, much love.


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