#106TheSearch Recap @ 106andPark ft. Tyra Banks, Spike Lee

This is the RECAP of the Next Level Brothers pursuing our goals with no hesitation. On the journey from Cleveland, Oh to New York City for 106andPark on BET. Special guests include Tyra Banks, Spike Lee,Asap Rocky, Charronkotd,Rocsi,Beanie Siegal. This video includes never before seen footage from skits to Freestyles from the champion of 106andPark.

Kent State University Rock The Runway

This is an EXCLUSIVE story of Kent State Students Designing at their finest “Celestial Space Odyssey”!! The D’Angelo Show had a great time and learned a lot about the tough roles of a designer. Rock The Runway 2012 takes you onto another level, and you will grow more of a perspective for fashion. This is another Exclusive. Let us know what you think about this!! Please share with everyone who you think cares :

Love,Sex, and College Life

This episodes shows college students at Kent State University giving their honest opinions on Love, Sex, and College Life. Very interesting you can learn some things. Watch and please share and leave your comments.

#Digits short film

Travis Wallace is believed to have information that can change this world. This will have a major impact on his surroundings. Travis Wallace has no memory and people are willing to take his life because of the powerful knowledge he may have. Will Travis Wallace be able to retrace his steps to make a difference in the world? Who can he trust? This was created in Cleveland, Oh.  It was one of our acceptance pieces to the prestigious Art Center College of Design.

Bringing UNITY to the Boys & Girls Club

 We created the first ever official video Bringing UNITY with Art Reach to the Boys and Girls Club. These kids are our inspiration. The world is changing for the better.  It was a refreshing blast for us to give back.  It takes a village to build a CommUnity. #GetInspired. #Share


Unity Boys and Girls club Next Level Brothers Art Center Unity

Having fun is the best way to Live Life.

Below is the Direct Quote from the official featured article on Art Center College Of Design, Dotted Line Blog

“Be passionate about what you do. Be thorough and thoughtful doing it. Be a leader. Make something. Make a difference. These are core Art Center values and Environmental Design student Alvin Oei embodies all of them. And he gathered a talented team of like-minded students who wanted to make a difference. He tapped into the student organization UNITY, founded by the powerhouse duo, D’Angelo and Martel McCornell, better known as The Next Level Brothers, who designed a program to teach the process of making a film and capturing a story. Russell Singer, a Graduate Transportation Design student, was recruited to teach the kids how to create objects out of basic shapes and figures. Product Design student Vanessa Shababzadeh (also affiliated with UNITY as its vice president) created products for the project and Environmental Design student Leo Su made models based on the kids’ sketches and storyboards. He also recruited fellow Environmental Design students Jessica Rovanio and Sean Chen. As Oei explains, the lesson he learned about leadership was, “make sure you have a good team.”


The Next Level Brothers represent Art Center at The Boys and Girls Club

The result was an incredible program that included creating floor plans, storyboarding, filming and culminated in presentations, Art Center style, to the parents. Albert Hernandez, Director of Operations, Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena, said, “It was a great experience for the kids because not only were they learning all this neat stuff but it also showed them that there are great people in this world who care about them, who came out and volunteered their time to be engaged with them and offered such a great learning experience.”


Read more…. Art Center College Of Design, Dotted Line Blog


Inspiration of the week: Congrats to Farrah Gray at the Trumpet Awards

What makes a winner is, dedication,education,ingenuity, and the will to succeed.  Farrah Gray inspires the youth and many more by his ambitious action and philosophies to embrace their self worth and value in the community.  Farrah took it to the Next Level as a child, he created his own business and becoming a millionaire at 14 years old.  He is living proof that you can be what you desire to be once you have vision to get there.  We respect Farrah a lot and we can’t wait to meet up with him to collaborate on some game changing projects to inspire the world.

 To all of our readers and supporters this message is for you : Keep the positive faith and maintain loyalty in your vision.  Do what you have to, to go where you want to, and stay true to your partners, because the possibilities with a great team are limitless. Too many people don’t stick around long enough to see it through. But you can take it to the Next Level too, just believe and never give up because the power is in you.

~Becoming Greater Together

The Next Level Brothers

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The Next Level Brothers blog

Energy is draining, can NASA’s origami help energize our world?

Creative Science & Technology Innovation


We met these cool people at NASA. They informed us about some new innovations and the public annual Open House in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

One of NASA’s unique designs has much anticipated hope for our world.

NASA found out by developing the idea that spacecraft solar panels could be constructed effectively by employing origami folds into space. Brian Trease at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says this kind of technology could one day be used for space solar power applications.

Another unique feature about the origami style is that the solar energy generating devices could one day utilize and wirelessly beam power back down to earth. This is amazing how a creative team building origami could definitely take our lives to the Next Level.


What do you think about space exploration and funding more experiments to power the earth?

~The Next Level Brothers

NASA Origami save energy The Next Level Brothers

Reference- http://www.designboom.com/technology/origami-solar-panels-nasa-08-15-2014/

Water saves lives be water-wise from…The Next Level Brothers

"UNITY" "The Next Level Brothers"

Community Outreach

Unity recently had the chance to learn more about our drought problems at the Block Party through Pasadena’s Water and Power.

The average Californian uses 196 gallons of water per day. We waste water without a second thought. Weather it is when we leave water on when we are brushing teeth or shaving, fix leaky toilets, wash full loads of clothes.

We should take a look at people in the developing countries.

Third world nations appreciate water because they realize without water it is a struggle to survive.

Why do we waste and not value water as much as people in the developing world?

The answer is simple: learn from the people who don’t have the luxury of wasting water.

We thank the friendly people from Pasadena’s Water and Power that they gave us a shower head and other helpful tools to save water.

You too can make a difference in your community by using some of these steps.

If you wanted to become more involved you can just join the Save Our Water team. Email Partners@SaveOurWater.com to be added to the partner list and start receiving updates today!  You can also visit http://www.saveourh2o.org to become involved.

It’s up to us all to better the earth and to take it to the Next Level with our choices about water usage.

Are you down for the challenge?

~The Next Level BrothersWater bill Save solution from UNITY - The Next Level Brothers ; )

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Becoming Greater Together with Blair High school 9-5-14

The Next Level Brothers bring Unity Becoming Greater Together with Blair High school "The Next Levl Brothers" "D'Angelo Mccornell" Martel McCornell"

The Next Level Brothers bring Unity Becoming Greater Together with Blair High school

This past Friday 9/5/14 our team group of UNITY sat and discussed upcoming goals for our student engagement program. It was refreshing as we went over the color palette of the world and its many perceptions.  A great note that was taken from that talk was that we are here to recreate and innovate on ideas.  We are here to give meaning to our artistic palette called life.

Changing the world with creativity

The beginning of our wonderful journey with the most great minded people! 

‘Creativity: the process of developing new, uncommon, or unique ideas.’ 

Creativity is our very essence. Its how we express who we are – from how we dress to how we think, from what we say to how we leave our mark on the world.
Without creativity – creative problem solving, creative thinking – we don’t have a hope of making a positive difference in the world. 
This is where we want to make a difference in!! 
We need to think outside of the box to come up with real, innovative, workable solutions to the problems that face us!!   ~ The Next Level Brothers


The Next Level Brothers bring Unity Becoming Greater Together with Blair High schoolThe Next Level Brothers bring Unity Becoming Greater Together with Blair High school

Bringing UNITY through Art Reach at the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena

Bringing the UNITY to the Boys and Girls Club with Art ReachToday, August 25 2014 starts our great journey of bringing Unity to the Boys and Girls Club through Art Reach. This is the first year that this project is coming to life.  Art Reach is scheduled two weeks.

This design workshop is developed by Art Center College of Design students for the children of the Pasadena Boys and Girls Club aimed to inspire and encourage creative thought through a themed curriculum that covers a beginner’s understanding of  2d and 3d spatial design through films. We will be guiding ten children through the ages of 10-12 for two weeks. We’ve got a great team assembled to inspire kids that will give them tools to grow.

The kids in Art Reach will use their own creativity to design different stores in Diagon Alley from the film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” through storyboarding and physical model making. This workshop will help students understand the methodology of design through defining a problem, research, inspiration, ideation and development.

Each of us will teach the kids in different Art and Design subjects . Alvin Oei – environmental design student created the concept, which inspired us to build and develop programs in our craft that we all specialize in.

Alvin will teach the kids storyboarding, a lesson of imagination, space planning and exercise kids in Design. Vanessa Shababzadeh – product design student, created products for the children based on the theme of Art Reach. Leo Su – environmental design student will make models with kids based on their sketches and storyboards. D’Angelo McCornell and Martel McCornell  (The Next Level Brothers) – film students designed a section that will teach kids the process of making a film, team building and capturing a story.

At the end of the workshop there will be a special screening of the final presentation.

Becoming Greater Together.

~The Next Level Brothers

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A Single Struggle

A young man that is forced to raise himself as a child. All he wants is the good life, where he can get what he deserves. Constant reminders of how negative he has become from everyone he knows. Parents no longer a factor in his life, all he has is his girlfriend and a few members of his community to support him. He know he has to hustle or die! Will he correct himself or will he keep going down the long road of pain?
~~~A must See~
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The D’Angelo Show – Darrin Henson interview

The D'Angelo Show -Darrin Henson interview

Darrin Henson from NLEmultimedia on Vimeo.

Realesthost The Search 2012

Realesthost The Search 2012

Realesthost The Search 2012 from NLEmultimedia on Vimeo.

On Point Hair & Nail Beauty Salon

On Point Hair & Nail Beauty Salon

ON POINT Hair & Nail Salon commercial from NLEmultimedia on Vimeo.

Hair & Nail Salon Located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Next Level Blog

Next Level Brothers


We are the Founders/Presidents of UNITY-Art Center Unity Club Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

Bringing UNITY to the Boys and Girls Club with Art Reach

Bringing UNITY to the Boys and Girls Club with Art Reach

“Putting the Unity in the CommUnity through Film,Design & CommUnity Innovation”

We welcome all those looking to inspire positive change. This is BIGGER than just one medium. In fact our family has a variety of multi talented,ambitious,determined,loyal, skilled minds that help get the job done ; )  Currently we have growing partnerships with the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena, Blair High School, United Way of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Regional Food bank and many more great relationships are forming around the world.

Click here to visit our UNITY FACEBOOK


One friendship can Change your World and how you feel about life and yourself. Caring makes the World a better place.

Bring the Unity to Blair High School meeting day 2

Bringing the UNITY to Blair High School meeting day 1

Bringing the UNITY to the LA FoodBank

Bringing the UNITY to the LA FoodBank

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UNITY at the LA Food Bank

FIGHTING HUNGER. GIVING HOPE. This is a collaboration with LA FoodBank and The Next Level Brothers with the student organization Unity. Representing at Art Center College of Design. Becoming Greater Together!!  

photo 2

Bringing UNITY

Fueled by Film

The Next Level Brothers Fueled bY Film Box

The Next Level Brothers Fueled by Film Box

An engaging technological interactive product created by The Next Level Brothers bringing Food, Family and Fun to a happy place. Coming Summer 2015.