The Enlightenment Project is Now Streaming Online!

Watch Film Here :

We’re happy to announce our 19 minute inspirational documentary “The Enlightenment Project” on a journey from Cleveland, OH to Ghana, Africa is now available for the world to watch. It’s a great feeling from the energy that was created from this miraculous project. We’re keeping the message alive and making a difference each time someone supports this cause by watching the film. 50/50 proceeds go back to the Gloria Pointer fund to help the youth with education and NLB to continue making purpose films. Thank you.

DTLA Film Festival Screening – The Enlightenment Project

PSA : New Screening alert : we are only days for our 1st LA screening and tickets are on sale.
Come out and see our Award Winning 🏆Short Documentary “The Enlightenment Project” on the BIG SCREEN in DTLA on Friday October 19th @5:30 pm at the Regal LA Live Theater
Thank you all for the continuous love.

“A grieving mother Yvonne Pointer from Cleveland, OH and an impoverished boy from Ghana, Africa turn their pain into purpose, and their purpose into action by educating the youth and strengthening communities together.”

Buy Tickets here :


The Enlightenment Project ~ wins Best Ohio Short Award at CIFF #42

The Hungry One

With a rough past and all odds against him, Deon is looking to provide for his family. Starting with his dream of joining The Money Team, boxing is his only way out.

This film was inspired by Mayweather Promotions

4 Min Short Film


Oreo Poker

MO WALLA -Ancient Power (Music Video)

Serendipity allowed us to come across a friend that collaborated on a short film in Pasadena with us. He was with a young inspired musician by the name of Mo Walla. LA Native, Mo Walla was in the search for her first musical video for a song title Ancient Power to launch her career and we were also looking to collaborate with the community.

We connected and she commissioned my brother and I as Directors and we brought together our production team Next Level 247 to create the cinematic music video.  We all had a fun time making it.

Take a watch and leave a comment so we can engage.


Next Level Brothers



Next Level Brothers Real Reel Vol #2

Our Real Reel is an sneek peek journey through our diversified and magical Next Level path. Contains some Exclusive Unreleased : Commercials,Music Videos,Fashion Films,Short Films. More great things are on the way.

Enjoy and let us know.

Thank you ; )

~ Next Level Brothers

Hello Family and Friends, We made it!  It has been a great journey since we came to California in 2013 to pursue our passion by studying at ArtCenter College of Design.  Martel will be receiving a Bachelors of… Read More

Enlightenment Project : Trailer

Here is our latest trailer about Yvonne Pointer and the triumphs she overcame in her life, to the miracle connection she made in Ghana, Africa.  There is a bigger calling that has connected us all.

We went to Ghana last August 2015 thank you to all of those who supported and donated.This story is showing you that one person can make a difference, and when you get together even more, the more impact it will make for good health, education and a violent free society to make positive waves and influential change throughout the world.



This summer we took a semester off of school D’Angelo (Graduate program) Martel (Undergrad program) to grow more in our field internally and externally. Networking with major Film-makers has always been key. This experience with Viacom, was very inspiring to us.

Chignon Beauty Salon

Our team had the pleasure to meet some very fun and talented people at Chignon Beauty Salon. Chignon was one of our very first successful small business commercial collaborations in Pasadena, CA.  Alicia Dubois (Founder,Stylist)  is the driving force behind the brand.  Chignon is a premier Hair Salon in Pasadena, “transforming your everyday style into a luxury experience. By combining the latest techniques in the industry with the best products available, we’re revolutionizing the industry. Your style; our expertise; and the future of hair design.”

From concept to execution our campaign brought smile to everyones faces.  Clientele were pleased to be apart of this production, it was shared by loyal customers across their social media platforms. Chignon clients and staff experienced a win/win because through video it showcased their unique natural beauty and complemented their lifestyle. The launch of this commercial also brought in over 40 new clients in two months.  

Chignon Beauty Salon is the bomb!





Alicia Dubois (store owner) with The Next Level Brothers


~ Next Level Brothers







“I absolutely love it. Great camera work great editing.  Love you both.  I wish you an eternal life of love health and much abundance. Thank you so much
Xoxo “


Chignon Beauty Salon contact info:

41 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 683-3724

Art Center Car Classic 2015~Just Smile

“Thank you Franc Yarde for all of the hard work you and the entire @artcenteredu transportation department did for this 2015 Car Classic event to turn into a huge success. Very grateful to be apart of the Art Center family. These wonderful experiences are priceless.”  ~Next Level Brothers

Vision of the Future

This year’s theme was “Visions of the Future,” a look back at what people thought the future would be like in the past. It was only coincidence that a couple days before was the Back to the Future day that social media outdid itself commemorating. To that end, there were two BTTF DeLoreans on hand, as well as a KITT car. A rare and wild Badsey Bullet three-wheeler represented at least one guy’s vision of the future back in the 1980s. And the great Syd Mead himself made a heck of an entrance when he drove onto the lawn in a massive, slab-sided 1972 Imperial LeBaron with personalized plates that rear FABULON.

But those were just a few of the hundred-or-so cars on hand. There were big, stately classics: a 1938 DuBonnet Xenia Hispano-Suiza and a 1952 Packard Pininfarina Coupe. There were ‘60s road beasts like a ’63 Riviera and an Olds Tornado driven by Leno. There were Tatras galore including John Long’s 1947 T87 and Paul Greenstein’s 1950 T600 even the Hirohata Merc,

“It’s so cool,” said Art Center chairman of design Stewart Reed.

“I love this show,” said local car collector and car community leader Bruce Meyer. “First because it’s a place of higher learning, the students are so fresh and enthusiastic and appreciate all this; second because I grew up in LA and used to live right across the street from the Art Center’s original location, I’d watch the students drive in with cool customs and hot rods. It made an impression on me that remains today.”

“I come here to find inspiration,” said Art Center transportation design student Ken Hong.

Thank You,

Next Level Brothers

 Art Center Car Classic 2015 Next Level Brothers Art Center Car Classic 2015 Next Level Brothers Art Center Car Classic 2015 Next Level Brothers Art Center Car Classic 2015 Next Level Brothers Art Center Car Classic 2015 Next Level Brothers Art Center Car Classic 2015 Next Level BrothersArt Center Car Classic 2015 Next Level Brothers




























































Art Center Car Classic 2015 Next Level Brothers
















Read more:

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Ghana,Africa we got there!



Thank you all for your support and contributions,this entire story of how we even could be apart of this journey is a miracle by itself. We stand very grateful, our trip to Ghana Africa was magnificent.  It was Enlightening to be able to feel,see,breathe,and live within the culture of motherland.  The rumors are true Africa is a beautiful place and it is is filled with culture and Love. We have captured some Amazing footage over there with our strong trio Next Level camera team.  It is amazing how one young man (Anthony Tay) can find a little piece of magazine all the way from Cleveland Ohio to Africa 6 years after it was written. Anthony took the chance to reach out to Yvonne who lost her own child, through their social impact collaborative work they have consistently nurtured thousands of kids to better health education and a violence free society for 12 years. (Gloria Pointer Teen Movement).

This is going to turn out to be a great inspiring documentary for all ages. We are in the process of created a mini Trailer for the future Film ; )  Although we got there and made it back safely, the process for this movie is not over.  There is still more work to do. More money still has to be raised for the quality of the film to be done right. We are seeking at least $16,000.  Thank you for your good energy and support.

We will be accepting donations through our GIVE tab section processed securely with Paypal on our website and you can also send cash and checks to :

Money will be used for:

Traveling for Interviews to Cleveland and Post Post Production Equipment and Labor costs

Gifts will be: Fresh gear from our Next Level shop and Credits in the Film and Social media LOVE

~The Next Level Brothers

Stay on the lookout for more sneek peeks of pictures and videos of our Enlightenment Journey through our social sites………More Joy Coming!!

Elmina Castle – Ghana Africa  (Aerial View)

Directed By : The Next Level Brothers ~ Cinematographer : Joe Ready

Next Level Brothers in Accra Ghana – “Art Center” district full of creative entrepreneurs


#FeedSoCal – Stuff-A-Truck with UNITY Live on ABC7

Next Level Brothers #FeedSoCal

About two weeks ago, our social impact organization UNITY received a great email from Susan Acker Director of Marketing at The LA FoodBank. She asked us to represent live on ABC7 in front of a million + viewers.  Our relationship started last summer 2014. We showed up ready and willing to volunteer.  We were supposed to meet up with another group but they didn’t show up! So on our lunch break we decided to Take it to The Next Level and create an Official LA FoodBank UNITY Commercial for more help to boost awareness for more volunteer involvement for hunger around the state. No one should be hungry for food.

So Friday (6/19/2015) came and we participated in the LA Regional Food Bank’s Stuff-A-Truck event in Gardena. We are very grateful this was our first live national TV segment. It was a blessing and such a great opportunity for us to share our vision of making the world a better place and to expand our network of positive relationships.  The classy and professional Alysha of ABC7 interviewed us on why we made our video about volunteering at the LA food bank – and we got to tell it live in the 5 pm news hour (about 5:23 to be exact). #FeedSoCal - Stuff- A Truck with The Next Level Brothers

From 6:30 am until 6:30 pm, reporters from KABC-7 in Los Angeles reported updates on the amount of food donated. Albertson’s Markets provided space in their parking lot for 2 semi trailers to be loaded with pallets of food. By the end of the day over 2 MILLION pounds of food had been donated at the Gardena location and an identical location in Thousand Oaks.

Girl Scouts accepted donations and put them in big tubs to be loaded into the trucks. People from senior centers were there to hand out water. A Subway in the same mall delivered sandwiches to the volunteers. The passionate spirit of giving joyfully was all over that parking lot. #FeedSoCal - Stuff- A Truck with The Next Level Brothers Vons, Pavilions and Albertsons markets have pre-packed bags of food that can be purchased for $5 right when you go through the checkout. All the food that is purchased this way will go to food banks in LA, Orange County, and Ventura counties.

#FightingHunger #GivingHope #FeedSoCal
Giving and helping out are huge in our Next Level purpose – UNITY : Becoming Greater Together.

Love, Care and Share.

Thank you ALL,

~ Next Level Brothers#FeedSoCal - Stuff- A Truck with The Next Level Brothers

Next Level Brothers UNITY

#FeedSoCal - Stuff- A Truck with The Next Level Brothers



Chase Design Group invites The Next Level Brothers to Networking Event

We were so fortunate to be included in two very different professional, passionate, and purposeful events this past week.

Last Thursday (6/18/15) evening we were invited to attend an interactive networking event at Chase Design Group in South Pasadena. This company not too long ago had very few employees and operated out of a run down building in East LA. They have started from the bottom and now have grown impressively to offices in two major cities Los Angeles and New York.  Now they have accumulated many National and International awards for branding client companies from Proctor & Gamble to Nestle.  What has helped them grow so rapidly are  these three shared commitments to make collective work stronger : QUESTION EVERYTHING, WORKING TOGETHER WORKS BETTER, IT’S MORE THAN A FEELING.  This company is led by the humbly cool visionary Margo ChaseWelcome to Inked @ Chase

The hands-on session focused on the history, design strategy, and real-world process of “split fountain” artwork. Art Center College of Design (ACCD) alum Paula Hansanugrum had been a guest lecturer in our Business 101 class with one of Amazon’s top 20 book authors, the awesome Terry Lee Stone. Paula then invited us to attend the event at Chase Design Group where she works as a Creative Director. During the evening we had the fun opportunity to share creative visions with packaging professionals in Chase’s friendly and inspiring work space. We also had the opportunity to create an original screen-printed work of art courtesy of  HIT+RUN , they create one-of-a-kind custom interactive art experiences. The coolest part of the evening was soaking up all the enthusiasm that Laura has generated about our creative work at ACCD. We connected with so many talented and passionate people – people who take their work to the next level every day.

We want to thank Chase Design Group for allowing us into their creative zone.  We encourage you all to go out and network with professionals in a variety of fields.  You never know who or what can influence your life, if you don’t take advantage of opportunities as they come. Shout out to Jason Waks (Director of Operations) for motivating the team and seeing it all through.  This day we created great relationships, that energy is priceless.

Chase Design Group Networking Event

Next Level Brothers with Terry Lee Stone & Margo Chase


Inked @ Chase  screenprinting

Inked @ Chase screenprinting

Inked @ Chase gathering

Inked @ Chase gathering

The Next Level Brothers @ Inked @ Chase event

The Next Level Brothers @ Inked @ Chase event

~ Next Level Brothers

Next Level Brothers Chase Design Group

Next Level Brothers Chase Design Group

Enlightenment Project – trip to Ghana, Africa With Yvonne Pointer


The Enlightened Project is a documentary about the uniting of two determined people from two different parts of the world with a common goal of making a safe learning environment for all children. Yvonne Pointer has been an outspoken and decorated activist and philanthropist. Motivated by the tragic murder of her daughter (Gloria Pointer), she has worked passionately to create a safe and nurturing environment for Cleveland’s teens and other families around the world. Singled out and featured by Oprah Winfrey in 1996, Yvonne has engaged with community leaders and eager volunteers to create positive change.Yvonne Pointer and Gloria Pointer

The effort to create the school in Atonkwa, Ghana is the direct result of a young African man’s (Anthony Tay) serendipitous connection. A newspaper article about Yvonne’s honors and accolades made its way to Ghana and landed at the feet of Anthony Tay, a young man searching for purpose and a way to keep his village alive and children educated in rough times in Ghana. Inspired by the positive outreach and support from Yvonne, Anthony persisted over the years to make positive changes in his community.  The Gloria Pointer Teen Movement has lead the way.

Now, things have fruitfully grown and a new school, “Gloria Pointer Teen Movement School” is nearing completion. Ms. Pointer has been invited to attend the dedication ceremony. She has reached out to us, The Next Level Brothers, in order to ensure we capture these historic events on film and tell the story of the hopes that inspired many to keep moving forward. The Next Level Brothers are trained film professionals attending the prestigious Art Center College of Design.

Gloria Teen Movement School

We will deliver a high-impact, motivational, and professional documentary that will be worthy of Film Festival awards. We seek $25,000 to cover our basic travel expenses.  The costs will also will help hiring a professional camera operator who can assist with the shooting, lighting and environment. Filming will be conducted August 7-16, 2015 in Ghana. Donors will receive Producer credits on the film,exclusive DVD copy of the film,plus many more Next Level goodies from our Shop.

Gloria Pointer Teen Movement ground breaking

Please contact us by email, phone or website to discuss donation options and any questions you may have about the Enlightened Project.

DONATIONS handled safely and securely through the Paypal donate tab on our site

Thank you.


216-376-7884 or 216-534-8465

Thank you for your consideration.

~The Next Level Brothers




Next Level Brothers, John Lennon “IMAGINE” Tribute

Before we can help others. Before we are able to love someone else, we need to first learn how to accept and love ourself with all of our little imperfections. We practice gratitude everyday for all things inside and around us.  We were excited to for our video to be featured in The John Lennon Exhibit in Pasadena this past Valentines 2015 weekend.  It was an honor. THANK YOU.

John Lennon discovered like so many before him, that before we can change the world, we need to first change ourselves.  We need to alter our perspective and open ourself up to new ideas and new possibilities.  They say that charity begins at home.  Start by forgiving yourself and those around you.

Accept what is and forget about what could or should-have-been.  As John said, all hopes for a better world rest on those who are able to open themselves up and embrace life we are living at this moment. We believe so too.

With LOVE,

~The Next Level Brothers

next level john lennon

“We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and imperfections.
If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and
open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”
  ~John Lennon

Next Level Brothers Eduardo John Lennon

Pasadena Star News features The Next Level Brothers & sparks the year 2015 ; )

The Next Level Brothers in Pasadena Star News Art Center


Wow! “Pasadena brothers use film,art to inspire youth” Sparking the year with a beautiful article by @claudiagvn at Pasadena Star News

Happy New Year Everyone. 2015 is here! So Blessed that we are able to put our Dreams and our Passion together to Achieve so many Miracles in just a year. We took a flight of faith and made the The Next Level Brothers in Pasadena Star News Art Centerbiggest decision of our life.Coming to Cali with nothing but Integrity,Will, and Eachother. Thank you for still being here with us as we grow more everyday as Film Directors, Community Leaders, and as Next Level Brothers

‪#‎ClevelandIsTheReason‬ ‪#‎ThankYou‬  The Next Level Brothers   Always getting better. Art Center College of Design Taking 2015 to the Next Level just wait on it.

“PASADENA>> The McCornell brothers D’Angelo, 25, and Martel, 19, left a cold Cleveland and came to sunny Pasadena to pursue their dreams of inspiring the world through their films and art.

The McCornells, aka The Next Level Brothers, are first-year film students at the Art Center College of Design.

“We want to lead by action,” said D’Angelo. “We look forward to inspiring people with our films.”

Through their own outreach program, UNITY, and the school’s ArtReach program, the brothers are already inspiring others to do what they love and pursue their passion, just as they are.

This last summer, the McCornells joined fellow Art Center students to host a design workshop for children at the Boys & Girls Club in Pasadena that aimed to “inspire and encourage creative thought.”

“We love making films, but when we mentor youth, it’s another part of what we live for,” said Martel.

“When we teach youth about film, we learn ourselves,” added D’Angelo.”


To Read Full Article on Pasadena Star News Website Click Here.

The Next Level Brothers in Pasadena Star News Art CenterThe Next Level Brothers in Pasadena Star News Art Center


UNITY making a Difference Through Art at Blair High School

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Blair High School Unity Next LEvel Brothers

We are very thankful for our experience at Blair High school in Pasadena this year. Our journey started with a wonderful group of students and teachers from Art Center in summer and ended with a presentation at the Pasadena Public Library.
Teen designers shared their original comics, handmade zines, paintings, personal stories and short film documentary. We were amazed about the work they accomplished in the 14 weeks we worked with them. UNITY enjoyed working with them and seeing them already making a difference through art made us proud.
It was such a fun zone to be in when you are surrounded by kind and creative energy. It is a pleasure in creating and helping each-other grow. We encourage you all to reach out to your community and lend a hand to the youngins–we all need it.

The amazing Blair students even surprised us at the end of our 14 week session with a special appreciation pizza party.  That was one of the greatest feelings for us, they even made us personalized gifts.  We are so grateful to have met these kids and it has been so Next Level to positively influence each-others lives.

Our passion is leading by example with positivity.

#‎UNITY‬ ‪#‎BecomingGreaterTogether‬ ‪#‎NewYearsResolution‬ starts now. We challenge you give back and let us know how did it make you feel. ‪#‎Thankyou‬

~The Next Level Brothers

Blair High School Unity Next LEvel Brothers

Blair High School Unity Next LEvel Brothers

Blair High School Unity Next LEvel Brothers


Next Level Brothers collab with R&B Star – Elle Varner – Music Video Cold Case

The Next Level Brothers had a great time Directing,Writing and Editing the Music Video for Elle Varner’s Cold Case.  It is a banging song, the lyrics are filled with passion and the beat speaks to you as well.  We were inspired by the production.

Next Level Brothers Elle Varner Music Video Cold Case

Google Search Elle Varner

We heard about the music video competition a week before it was due. We did not think twice about it, our only thought was strategize and take it to the Next Level. Lets do major industry productions!  We are Ready! Born Ready! We knew that we have a chance of her seeing our work and to us that is a win win. The only reason why this manifested is because of the great energy we surrounded ourselves with. Of course it was tough work a major credit goes to our all star production staff and talent to accomplish the miracle it all came together in 24hrs. The final upload to the website came down to the last minute. It was a Blessing just to get a quality video done in that timeframe.  We are proud of it, it is a dynamic visual story with the use of Acting,Shadows,Composition, Color and Set design you will enjoy it ; )

Please watch it and comment here on for Elle to read your thoughts.


Thanks Mary and Elle for the Opportunity.

~D’Angelo & MartelNext Level Brothers Elle Varner Music Video Cold Case elle-varner-2011-website

The Next Level Brothers




Thanks + Giving: A Next Level dose of brotherly love for Art Center donors

The Next Level Brothers Art Center Film Representatives

The Next Level Brothers Art Center Film Representatives

This is a repost from the Official Art Center Dotted Line Blog ; )

We would like to continue to spread positive Vibes around the world.  When was the last time you told someone thank you?

When we, The Next Level Brothers were first approached to create this donor Thank You video, we were very excited and honored to represent Art Center by doing what we love.  Projects that are about value is our niche and purpose.  We knew it was an opportunity to write history and create a positive legacy by expressing our gratitude to those who helped us get where we are today.

2014 marks our first full year at Art Center.  Without donors and supporters we would have not been able to receive the scholarships that were a must for us to attend this great College.

The process of creating the Thank You video was very motivating.  Associate Director of Annual Giving Becca Keating gave us one prompt and that was: keep it moving.  It challenged us to do something different, which is great direction for us. We love that philosophy. We brainstormed for about two weeks and we decided to shoot the video in natural locations that will give the sense of personality and true emotion.

We chose our cast walking through the school and locating the positive energy.

Our goal was simply to inspire people to just smile and to provide UNITY.

We are honored and very grateful to represent by doing what we love for the family of Art Center’s donors, alumni, staff, students and future hopefuls. Thank you.



5+ Reasons to Enter a National Contest from The Next Level Brothers

The Next Level Brothers were asked for an interview by Artz Ray. The premise was 5 Reasons to Enter a National contest we had many thoughts but here are just 5.  Take them and get inspired!

By the way you can still Rank 5 stars on our Doritos Contest Commercial “The Bold vs The Old”  here.

#crashthesuperbowl #nextlevelbrothers #theboldvsold

Next Level ; )


1. It’s refreshing to do something new. You never know who you might meet or inspire in the process.

It’s Next Level to get Quality work done and to be proud of it. When we decided to try our hand at the contest we knew exactly who we wanted to star in the Leading Role. The super amazing Peggy Glenn! We were super thrilled once we developed our concept and didn’t look back. We are in college but we teach at a local public high school and do motivational speaking all the time. We always encourage our students to submit their work to contests, because they have the ability and deserve the opportunity. You already put in the work. It boosts your confidence. Go for it!

2. There is always a Win/Win situation.

Even if the contest doesn’t tally by judges in your favor you do WIN friends, supporters and put a positive wave of energy in the Universe. The world will feel that you are passionate about what you do. We just put one foot in front of the other and keep taking shots. You will find out that you have found success, it starts from the inside.


3. You up your game.

We are crazy busy with school and working and trying to make it happen all day every day, but having a deadline always makes you push even harder. You somehow find the time, find the creative solution, the resources you need, and best of all you end up reaching out to folks you might not normally think about to ask for help. Some of those contacts end up being important to your future. Contests won’t make or sustain your career for the long term, but at the right time and place they can give you a boost.


4. Entering a contest forces you to find new resources and create new relationships.

We are always optimistic on coming up with solutions to get the job done. Some of the best creativity comes from being under pressure. We ended up meeting a wonderful 7 year old named Joseph who was a superstar for us. We also managed to spark a great relationship with a Championship Semi Pro football team Inglewood Blackhawks they were super cooperative.



5. National contests are high visibility, resume builders and add to your body of work.

Right now for us it’s all about building our reel and body of work. We want to create professional, polished pieces to include in our reel and using a nationally named product adds to the feel of legitimacy. Showing the commercial we made to other people has really widened our circle of support. Friends tell friends, and before you know it people are telling you stories about when they did something like this and then who knows, maybe the next time they are hiring they think of you and you might get a job.

Plus, we love our family and friends and the support, energy and hope they send your way is really inspiring and fun.

Do we want to win the Grand Prize? Sure we do, but you know for sure you won’t win anything if you don’t enter! Attitude and vision is everything for us. Being goal oriented and positive is how we get through the day and overcome the hard stuff that life can throw at you sometimes.

**** Let’s take this Grand Prize home to inspire the world. It is possible. But we can only do it with your help….Haha so RATE and SHARE our commercial link below now! Thanks.


Featured on Artz Ray website here.




Next Level Brothers “Bold vs Old” Doritos Crash the SuperBowl Commercial

PSA: ITS HERE, JUST IN TIME!! The official Crash The Superbowl Doritos 2014 Commercial Contest

We are dealing with school work 75hrs a week and took this on because we had to be BOLD and seize the moment.  One foot in front of the other as our Granddad says….

They will select  the 30 semi Finalist in the Next 3 Days please Rate today!

Next Level Brothers with Peggy Glenn Doritos Family Bold pic

We have visualized and manifested a great project out of love.

It is titled, Bold vs Old Written, Directed and Edited by the Next Level Brothers.

Starring the super awesome Peggy Glenn and her grandson Joseph.

Please Rate 5 Stars on the Doritos Site and Share on Facebook and Instagram with Hashtags #Crashthesuperbowl #Nextlevelbrother #BoldvsOld #Bold

We are grateful for all of our supporters. Thank you Doritos, Universal Studios and all of our sponsors.

Enjoy this video, Thank you for all the love!!

Next Level Brothers with Peggy Glenn Doritos Family Bold pic most viewed

Next Level Brothers with Peggy Glenn Doritos Family Bold pic Crash The SuperBowl

Next Level Brothers with Peggy Glenn Doritos Family Bold pic Crash The SuperBowl



Next Level Brothers with Peggy Glenn Doritos Family Bold pic Crash The SuperBowl Highest Rated

Next Level Brothers with Peggy Glenn Doritos Family Bold pic Crash The SuperBowl Highest Rated

Homeless Hope Day 1

What  are your opinions about tackling the Homeless situation from a new way?

We plan to listen and potentially progress by,motivation and improve positive action inside the communities with this Documentary. This is a tough task, but  we are confident that we all could step up once we are ready to accept the challenges of adapting and evolving together.

Gabriella was asked by us to write a few sentences documenting our experience observing homeless people at one of Pasadena’s parks, and she added a few of her own observations and opinions to it as well.  She did a great job and left her true and honest responses below…..Check it out.

”We noticed that there was one large group of homeless people, sort of like a clique, that was being observed by a group of policemen and park patrol. We decided to ask them about the general lives of these people, along with some questions about their personalities and typical days. The policemen were very informative, but at the same time a bit discouraging. They explained that a lot of these homeless people are here by choice, and that they’re lazy because they don’t have to work for anything- people are always giving them food, blankets, and clothing, and they’ve figured out that they can simply stay on the streets because of it. The policemen were kind enough to suggest some alternative locations to gather research along with a phone number to one of their friend’s to gather some more personal data.

The entire experience actually left me feeling a little confused and defeated. I kept thinking “These people have time to think about their situation all day, every day. If they wanted to get up and start moving to get away from their situation, they could take a step. I know that our goal with one of these projects is to motivate them, but I’m not sure if it’s a question of motivation, but rather how it’s done. Who are we to say that we are the saviors, coming to save these people from hardship? They know more about rough life than we do, they are more experienced, and they know more about their current state than we’ll ever know. To say that I am going to help motivate people out of homelessness makes me feel like a blind savior…kind of walking in with high hopes but with not enough knowledge about the situation to actually make a difference. It makes me rethink my projects, and makes me wonder ‘What can I give a homeless person that might ACTUALLY make a difference? If they always receive blankets, food, and clothing, what good would it be for me to offer the same thing? What can I give someone that they haven’t received before, that might actually spark some inspiration without being preachy?’ I wondered about how to approach these people, and what kinds of questions to ask. I think that figuring out the right questions can solve everything, I just wish I knew what they were. I am not a preacher, and I don’t want to come across as one coming to bring the homeless into righteousness. I’m also not a teacher or a savior, and it’s not my place to try to educate people on the lives they already spend all day thinking about. HOWEVER, to SOME degree, we are all teachers, saviors, and guides…to some degree. But I think that the power of those titles comes through when we are simply being ourselves- being friends. If I were homeless, and someone came up to me with the aspiration of motivating people to NOT be homeless, I would think “You had better be educated on this subject like no tomorrow, because if you are actually coming up to me to try to enlighten me on a subject I think about and live through all day while you’re at home with your comfort and your things, you must be out of your mind. I will not let you leave here thinking that you made a difference when you don’t know enough to make one.”

I know that my reaction is harsh, but it’s true to how I feel. I left thinking more about psychology and human behavior, and how I still think that friendship with good people can help people out of any situation. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable actually helping people out of homelessness, because that’s such a BIG goal…but I think I am comfortable with getting to know them, asking about their lives now, their past, listening to their problems if they have any. If they have anything they’re stumped on, I can offer a friendly ear and some light advice. I think a smaller goal of helping people love themselves and helping someone get over a small problem that they think about daily is more achievable for me, because conquering small personal problems is the first step to getting out of any big situation. I want to give them something that they haven’t gotten before, and I want to inspire a reaction. Whether it’s laughter or criticism, it would be a step in breaking down the wall between us so that I could begin to earn some trust among them.”

But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

Written By Gabriella Guzman

Art Center College of Design Car Classic 2014

The Next Level Brothers at the Art Center Car Classic 2014


Art Center Car Classic 2014: The Next Level Brothers take a quick flick  styling with Mr. Robert Davidson (Chairman of Art Center College of Design)

Art Center Car Classic 2014: The Next Level Brothers take a quick flick styling with Mr. Robert Davidson (Chairman of Art Center College of Design)

This past Sunday 10/26/14 The Next Level Brothers were blessed to be at the official Art Center College of Design Car Classic 2014 event.  Major props to our leaders at the school that all worked so hard to make this event a success. It was very exciting to witness all of the historic cars that came from some of our favorite classic movies.  The environment was filled with joy and a car loving passion. The Hollywood theme, the beautiful California sunshine and the usual mix of famous car designers and their cars all combined to draw a record 2700 people to the Art Center’s wonderful mountaintop view for one of the best gatherings in the show’s 11- year history.

The Next Level Brothers at the Art Center Car Classic 2014

Art Center Alum Tim Flattery Designed this Batmobile : Art Center Car Classic 2014

It was the Batmobiles from Warner Brothers that took center stage and owned the spotlight. But there were many others such as the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and the McClarens that needs no introduction.

Chronologically the Batmobiles started with a 1956 Oldsmobile transformed from comic book sketches into fiberglass as the first DC Comics Batmobile.“It’s what a Batmobile would look like as drawn in a comic book,” said owner Alicia Belzberg. George Barris was on hand to introduce the Batmobile from the 1966 TV series.“The car started out as the Ford Futura concept car,” said Barris. “We wanted to add all the stuff we did with hot rods. It’s not really a crime fighter but a car people would enjoy, a car that made people happy.”

If you had a chance to choose one car of your dreams what would it be?
Art -Center-College-of-design-car-classic-201413-art-center-car-classic-2014-1Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.09.57 AMArt Center Car Classic Scooby Doo Mobile 2014


Art -Center-College-of-design-car-classic-2014Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.08.00 AM03-art-center-car-classic-2014-1


From Cali to Indiana on webcam to inspire Northrop High School

The Next Level Brothers spoke to over 100 kids @Northrop High School in Indiana over webcam this past Thursday October 23, 2014. Making a difference through Scholastics. Thank you for listening allowing us to share our voice and work.  We were inspired to do this because too many young people don’t believe their voice matters. When we instill a different mentality of thinking, new innovations and creations are formed and the possibilities are infinite. It was refreshing to speak with the youth.  It was surprising to see a young male student step up and show his illustration of a man holding the Industry on his back. His work was unfinished and not yet titled, but it was awesome to see the purpose behind his image. The young man was very shy and did not appear to know how to speak of his work.  To us we saw how important it is to talk to these youngsters and encourage to believe in themselves.

Its great to be looked at 4 Motivation because we worked so hard and patiently to be at the level we are at now. We see what we do really matters and we are grateful to provide value.These teens were talented and just Great….We are excited to see them again.  We are sure that they will have grown a bunch!  Creating a brighter future starting today. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork…

Becoming Greater Together,

~The Next Level Brothers

‪#‎StayBelieving‬ ‪#‎InspireSomeoneToday‬ #ThatsNextLevel




Max presents, The Next Level Brothers Mr. Clean video to the teen students at Northrop High

Max presents, The Next Level Brothers Mr. Clean video to the teen students at Northrop High

Kevin Simmons Principal at Northrop High speaking to The Next Level Brothers after our presentation

Kevin Simmons Principal at Northrop High speaking to The Next Level Brothers after our presentation



25 Of The Most Dangerous And Unusual Journeys To School In The World

25 Of The Most Dangerous And Unusual Journeys To School In The World

This is very humbling. Have you ever thought about how other people travel to school?
Many students throughout the world have to take the most incredible and unimaginable routes in order to receive the education that some of us may take for granted.
Never forget how grateful you are for having the chance of education. Education is luxury. We have to make the best out of it.

Let’s rise up and be thankful.

Education takes Dedication and it is worth the Journey.


~The Next Level Brothers

To the delight (or dismay) of millions, the school season is beginning in many countries throughout the world. But it’s important not to forget that, in some parts of the world, school can be a hard-won luxury. Many children throughout the world have to take the most incredible and unimaginable routes in order to receive the education that some of us may take for granted. This list we collected will show you just how determined some children can be when it comes to getting an education.

According to UNESCO, progress in connecting children to schools has slowed down over the past five years. Areas that lack suitable school routes can often flood, making it even harder for kids to commute. Dangerous paths are one of the main reasons why many children decide to quit school.

The solution might seem easy: build roads and bridges, buy buses and hire a driver. However, the lack of funds and recurring natural disasters in many countries make it difficult to provide children with the solutions they so desperately need.

(h/t: amusingplanet)


More info:

Now thats Magic_ Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Commercial 2014

Four friends are on a Journey until a BIG mistake happens. Can Mr. Clean Magic Eraser solve the problem?

Enjoy ; )


The Next Level Brothers

Now thats Magic_ Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Commercial 2014


Inspiration of the week – Two Billionaire Brothers who never forgot where they came from

Michael and Steven Roberts on CNN


From a one-room office, they created an empire now made up of 76 companies and 1,100 employees, many of them minorities. They own commercial real estate, TV stations, hotels, telecommunication companies and more. The name Roberts adorns all their properties.

“We weren’t rich. We weren’t poor, but we just never had any money,” Michael says of their upbringing.

They like to tell their story, encouraging people with new ideas to chase their dreams. If you don’t have money, they say, don’t let that stop you.

Very inspiring story!  We definitely need to be exposed to more examples like this.  This is a shining example of endless possibilities for us all.


The Next Level Brothers