Homeless Hope Day 1

What  are your opinions about tackling the Homeless situation from a new way?

We plan to listen and potentially progress by,motivation and improve positive action inside the communities with this Documentary. This is a tough task, but  we are confident that we all could step up once we are ready to accept the challenges of adapting and evolving together.

Gabriella was asked by us to write a few sentences documenting our experience observing homeless people at one of Pasadena’s parks, and she added a few of her own observations and opinions to it as well.  She did a great job and left her true and honest responses below…..Check it out.

”We noticed that there was one large group of homeless people, sort of like a clique, that was being observed by a group of policemen and park patrol. We decided to ask them about the general lives of these people, along with some questions about their personalities and typical days. The policemen were very informative, but at the same time a bit discouraging. They explained that a lot of these homeless people are here by choice, and that they’re lazy because they don’t have to work for anything- people are always giving them food, blankets, and clothing, and they’ve figured out that they can simply stay on the streets because of it. The policemen were kind enough to suggest some alternative locations to gather research along with a phone number to one of their friend’s to gather some more personal data.

The entire experience actually left me feeling a little confused and defeated. I kept thinking “These people have time to think about their situation all day, every day. If they wanted to get up and start moving to get away from their situation, they could take a step. I know that our goal with one of these projects is to motivate them, but I’m not sure if it’s a question of motivation, but rather how it’s done. Who are we to say that we are the saviors, coming to save these people from hardship? They know more about rough life than we do, they are more experienced, and they know more about their current state than we’ll ever know. To say that I am going to help motivate people out of homelessness makes me feel like a blind savior…kind of walking in with high hopes but with not enough knowledge about the situation to actually make a difference. It makes me rethink my projects, and makes me wonder ‘What can I give a homeless person that might ACTUALLY make a difference? If they always receive blankets, food, and clothing, what good would it be for me to offer the same thing? What can I give someone that they haven’t received before, that might actually spark some inspiration without being preachy?’ I wondered about how to approach these people, and what kinds of questions to ask. I think that figuring out the right questions can solve everything, I just wish I knew what they were. I am not a preacher, and I don’t want to come across as one coming to bring the homeless into righteousness. I’m also not a teacher or a savior, and it’s not my place to try to educate people on the lives they already spend all day thinking about. HOWEVER, to SOME degree, we are all teachers, saviors, and guides…to some degree. But I think that the power of those titles comes through when we are simply being ourselves- being friends. If I were homeless, and someone came up to me with the aspiration of motivating people to NOT be homeless, I would think “You had better be educated on this subject like no tomorrow, because if you are actually coming up to me to try to enlighten me on a subject I think about and live through all day while you’re at home with your comfort and your things, you must be out of your mind. I will not let you leave here thinking that you made a difference when you don’t know enough to make one.”

I know that my reaction is harsh, but it’s true to how I feel. I left thinking more about psychology and human behavior, and how I still think that friendship with good people can help people out of any situation. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable actually helping people out of homelessness, because that’s such a BIG goal…but I think I am comfortable with getting to know them, asking about their lives now, their past, listening to their problems if they have any. If they have anything they’re stumped on, I can offer a friendly ear and some light advice. I think a smaller goal of helping people love themselves and helping someone get over a small problem that they think about daily is more achievable for me, because conquering small personal problems is the first step to getting out of any big situation. I want to give them something that they haven’t gotten before, and I want to inspire a reaction. Whether it’s laughter or criticism, it would be a step in breaking down the wall between us so that I could begin to earn some trust among them.”

But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

Written By Gabriella Guzman

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