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A year ago we raised funds with the help of our friends, family and supporters, which provided the life changing opportunity for us to visit and document learned experiences of the true history and culture of Ghana, Africa which we shared in Film festivals throughout several countries.

There we found a hero named Anthony Tay who connected with one of the top and influential community leaders, Yvonne Pointer of Cleveland, OH. Together, they raised money to build the 1st fully adequate schools for the children in many villages in Ghana. Now we are ready to help bridge the gap by releasing our documentary early for you to view.

This documentary which will help raise money with The Gloria Pointer Teen Movement for education, resources and opportunity to create jobs for children in Africa with every purchase.

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A grieving mother Yvonne Pointer from Cleveland, OH and an impoverished boy from Ghana, Africa Anthony Tay, turn their pain into purpose and their purpose into action by educating the youth and strengthening communities together.


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2 Comments on “Watch the full “Enlightenment Project” Africa Documentary

  1. Next Level Brothers … you truly are “Next Level” the message in this documentary is not only inspiring but necessary to show the bridge in Global NGOs and the impact that pain can make when turned into purpose. I am impressed by your ability to tell this story and look forward to viewing the entire project when it comes out. Great Success to your work and may the doors open wide to give opportunities for exposure.

    • Thank you so much AnGele, we are truly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to tell this inspiring story through our perspective. We hope this message spreads across the globe.
      ~Next Level Brothers

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