The Comedy Get Down TV experience (season 1 wrap)


VIACOM’s subsidiary company BET Network is coming up with a new project titled The Comedy Get Down and it features amazing talent and had a great production crews working on it. The scenes we saw contained some hilarious material but also conscious relevant content. Some of the talent that you may know is comedian(s) D.L Hughley, George Lopez, Cedric The Entertainer, Eddie Griffin and Charlie Murphy just to name a few of the main characters.  The legendary Stan Lathan is also one of the Directors in production.

“D.L. – The TV show is a hybrid scripted-reality show. It is all about us on tour, getting ready for tour, and being with our families. For the scripted part, we will write stories of us going on the road ,which will intertwine with the reality component.”

So this past August and September 2016 we (The Next Level Brothers) were invited to observe and learn on set with the professionals.  This was not the first set Hollywood TV set that we have been on, but the set up was impressive.  Every position was busy, over 50 hardworking people dedicated to make the day smoother from Actors, Actresses, Grips, Writers, Ads, Producers, Camera Operators, DP’s, AD’s, Directors, Directors assistants etc.  Everyone was professional and fun to be around.

This summer we took a semester off of school D’Angelo (Graduate program) Martel (Undergrad program) to grow more in our field internally and externally. Networking with major Film-makers has always been key. This experience with Viacom, was very inspiring to us.  We are very grateful for the opportunity to be granted access behind the scenes, to see how production was ran.  Our vision of becoming big time Directors of Television, Commercials, and Film is now in the palm of our hands. WE CAN FEEL IT. We have gained a lot of insight from how preparation and positive communication plays a role and effect the momentum of the day.  Soaking up knowledge, striving to be the best we can be, so that what we too will be creating on that Next Level stage of big budget productions that impact millions of viewers.

Thank you again for the belief in us. One step closer to our dreams.

D’Angelo & Martel : Next Level Brothers

Stan Lathan - Next Level Brothers

Director Stan Lathan with Next Level Brothers on set The Comedy Get Down


Cast & Crew: The Comedy Get Down Season 1

Steady Jess with The Next Level Brothers Eddie Griffin and Next Level Brothers img_5826 img_5827






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