Chignon Beauty Salon

Our team had the pleasure to meet some very fun and talented people at Chignon Beauty Salon. Chignon was one of our very first successful small business commercial collaborations in Pasadena, CA.  Alicia Dubois (Founder,Stylist)  is the driving force behind the brand.  Chignon is a premier Hair Salon in Pasadena, “transforming your everyday style into a luxury experience. By combining the latest techniques in the industry with the best products available, we’re revolutionizing the industry. Your style; our expertise; and the future of hair design.”

From concept to execution our campaign brought smile to everyones faces.  Clientele were pleased to be apart of this production, it was shared by loyal customers across their social media platforms. Chignon clients and staff experienced a win/win because through video it showcased their unique natural beauty and complemented their lifestyle. The launch of this commercial also brought in over 40 new clients in two months.  

Chignon Beauty Salon is the bomb!





Alicia Dubois (store owner) with The Next Level Brothers


~ Next Level Brothers







“I absolutely love it. Great camera work great editing.  Love you both.  I wish you an eternal life of love health and much abundance. Thank you so much
Xoxo “


Chignon Beauty Salon contact info:

41 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 683-3724

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