Ghana,Africa we got there!



Thank you all for your support and contributions,this entire story of how we even could be apart of this journey is a miracle by itself. We stand very grateful, our trip to Ghana Africa was magnificent.  It was Enlightening to be able to feel,see,breathe,and live within the culture of motherland.  The rumors are true Africa is a beautiful place and it is is filled with culture and Love. We have captured some Amazing footage over there with our strong trio Next Level camera team.  It is amazing how one young man (Anthony Tay) can find a little piece of magazine all the way from Cleveland Ohio to Africa 6 years after it was written. Anthony took the chance to reach out to Yvonne who lost her own child, through their social impact collaborative work they have consistently nurtured thousands of kids to better health education and a violence free society for 12 years. (Gloria Pointer Teen Movement).

This is going to turn out to be a great inspiring documentary for all ages. We are in the process of created a mini Trailer for the future Film ; )  Although we got there and made it back safely, the process for this movie is not over.  There is still more work to do. More money still has to be raised for the quality of the film to be done right. We are seeking at least $16,000.  Thank you for your good energy and support.

We will be accepting donations through our GIVE tab section processed securely with Paypal on our website and you can also send cash and checks to :

Money will be used for:

Traveling for Interviews to Cleveland and Post Post Production Equipment and Labor costs

Gifts will be: Fresh gear from our Next Level shop and Credits in the Film and Social media LOVE

~The Next Level Brothers

Stay on the lookout for more sneek peeks of pictures and videos of our Enlightenment Journey through our social sites………More Joy Coming!!

Elmina Castle – Ghana Africa  (Aerial View)

Directed By : The Next Level Brothers ~ Cinematographer : Joe Ready

Next Level Brothers in Accra Ghana – “Art Center” district full of creative entrepreneurs


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