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                                                                      The Complete Miracle Story

With the help of you, our team will travel to Ghana to direct and film a documentary about the grand opening of the first international Gloria Pointer Teen Movement Education Center. We will be able to show the parallels of two parts of the world but also how we all connect as one. We have known Yvonne Pointer, of Cleveland, since childhood. Ms. Pointer became a community activist after her daughter, Gloria, was raped and murdered in December 1984. Yvonne Pointer and Gloria Pointer

Her daughter Gloria Pointer name did not go in vain. Yvonne’s diligent efforts to change her community led to Positive Plus, a non-profit organization working to make Cleveland a safe place for kids to grow up, be educated, and thrive. She still lives in Cleveland, Ohio, working to make a difference daily. She has a vibrant social media presence. Ms. Pointer received national recognition for her efforts (Oprah, President George Bush’s Points of Light citation, and more) and received national and international press coverage.

One of those newspaper articles found its way to Ghana, West Africa, literally at the feet of Anthony Tay, a young man who was desperately hungry. Anthony reached out to Yvonne, who responded.

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Anthony Tay and Yvonne Pointer have communicated since 2003. She was surprised 5 years later when he named a movement after Gloria Pointer. When she first visited Ghana to support Anthony’s efforts to duplicate her work in his community, it was all love and much more progress.

The miracle has continued and donors have blessed land and donated funds to build a school. August 15, 2015, the center opens in Anthony’s village in Ghana, West Africa. The center’s mission statement is that “Every child has the right to good health, education, and a violence-free society.”

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Our skills as writers, directors and editors will be enhanced by the addition of a brilliant cinematographer with top level equipment and a camera assistant to preserve each day’s footage. Your support of our journey to Ghana will allow us to make a Next Level documentary that will inspire others throughout the world to make a difference and make real changes in the world around them.

What We Need & What You Get

We need $25,000 just to cover the bare basics

  • $7000 for airfare for 4 people (D’Angelo, Martel, Joe and Brian)
  • $7,000 for living expenses for 4 people for 10 days
  • $9,000 for camera and sound equipment
  • $1,000 for post-production services
  • $1,000 for film festival entry fees
Everybody who contributes any amount will receive regular Facebook and twitter updates in addition to credit at the end of the film. Check out our contributor perks for greater rewards at higher contribution levels. Take it to the NEXT LEVEL! Make a difference half a world away.
Any amount over the $25,000 will allow us to (1) hire additional post-production services once we return from Ghana and (2) launch a promotion campaign after the film is finished and ready for distribution and film festival participation. (3) Donate resources to the school. We feel we can make additional impact by attending festivals outside a day’s drive distance.

The Impact

Our world is more connected than ever. One person can make a difference and do something when they see a need or a problem. 

Next Level Brothers Ghana Indiegogo anthony tay Gloria Pointer Educational center

Our gift as filmmakers is to document the celebration of the center as an example of what can happen when one person steps up and makes a difference and then rallies support both locally and globally.

We will enter our Next Level Enlightenment Project film into festivals throughout the world to continue to inspire others to make positive changes and contributions.

Already our film work in LA with the LA Regional Food Bank, the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena, and a local high school have gone viral and won recognition in the community – and made a difference in peoples’ lives.

Risks & Challenges

We’re full-time students while being community volunteers and conscience-driven filmmakers. Our biggest challenges are:

  • Time – we have less than 3 weeks to completely fund this.
  • Money – we can’t do it without crowdfunding.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you’re down with our mission but just can’t contribute money, that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!

And that’s all there is to it. Next Level let’s get there!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank You.

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