The Yvonne Pointer – Gloria Pointer miracle story

Now, things have fruitfully grown and a new school, “ Gloria Pointer Teen Movement School ” is nearing completion. Ms. Pointer has been invited to attend the dedication ceremony. She has reached out to us, The Next Level Brothers, in order to ensure we capture these historic events on film and tell the story of the hopes that inspired many to keep moving forward. The Next Level Brothers are trained film professionals attending the prestigious Art Center College of Design.

Gloria Teen Movement School

We will deliver a high-impact, motivational, and professional documentary that will be worthy of Film Festival awards. We seek $25,000 to cover our travel expenses and the costs associated with hiring a professional camera operator who can assist with the shooting, lighting and environment. Filming will be conducted August 7-17, 2015 in Ghana. Donors will receive Producer credits on the film and an exclusive DVD copy of the film.

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~The Next Level Brothers

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