Pasadena Star News features The Next Level Brothers & sparks the year 2015 ; )

The Next Level Brothers in Pasadena Star News Art Center


Wow! “Pasadena brothers use film,art to inspire youth” Sparking the year with a beautiful article by @claudiagvn at Pasadena Star News

Happy New Year Everyone. 2015 is here! So Blessed that we are able to put our Dreams and our Passion together to Achieve so many Miracles in just a year. We took a flight of faith and made the The Next Level Brothers in Pasadena Star News Art Centerbiggest decision of our life.Coming to Cali with nothing but Integrity,Will, and Eachother. Thank you for still being here with us as we grow more everyday as Film Directors, Community Leaders, and as Next Level Brothers

‪#‎ClevelandIsTheReason‬ ‪#‎ThankYou‬  The Next Level Brothers   Always getting better. Art Center College of Design Taking 2015 to the Next Level just wait on it.

“PASADENA>> The McCornell brothers D’Angelo, 25, and Martel, 19, left a cold Cleveland and came to sunny Pasadena to pursue their dreams of inspiring the world through their films and art.

The McCornells, aka The Next Level Brothers, are first-year film students at the Art Center College of Design.

“We want to lead by action,” said D’Angelo. “We look forward to inspiring people with our films.”

Through their own outreach program, UNITY, and the school’s ArtReach program, the brothers are already inspiring others to do what they love and pursue their passion, just as they are.

This last summer, the McCornells joined fellow Art Center students to host a design workshop for children at the Boys & Girls Club in Pasadena that aimed to “inspire and encourage creative thought.”

“We love making films, but when we mentor youth, it’s another part of what we live for,” said Martel.

“When we teach youth about film, we learn ourselves,” added D’Angelo.”


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The Next Level Brothers in Pasadena Star News Art CenterThe Next Level Brothers in Pasadena Star News Art Center


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