Thanks + Giving: A Next Level dose of brotherly love for Art Center donors

The Next Level Brothers Art Center Film Representatives

The Next Level Brothers Art Center Film Representatives

This is a repost from the Official Art Center Dotted Line Blog ; )

We would like to continue to spread positive Vibes around the world.  When was the last time you told someone thank you?

When we, The Next Level Brothers were first approached to create this donor Thank You video, we were very excited and honored to represent Art Center by doing what we love.  Projects that are about value is our niche and purpose.  We knew it was an opportunity to write history and create a positive legacy by expressing our gratitude to those who helped us get where we are today.

2014 marks our first full year at Art Center.  Without donors and supporters we would have not been able to receive the scholarships that were a must for us to attend this great College.

The process of creating the Thank You video was very motivating.  Associate Director of Annual Giving Becca Keating gave us one prompt and that was: keep it moving.  It challenged us to do something different, which is great direction for us. We love that philosophy. We brainstormed for about two weeks and we decided to shoot the video in natural locations that will give the sense of personality and true emotion.

We chose our cast walking through the school and locating the positive energy.

Our goal was simply to inspire people to just smile and to provide UNITY.

We are honored and very grateful to represent by doing what we love for the family of Art Center’s donors, alumni, staff, students and future hopefuls. Thank you.



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